Friday, 4 April 2008

Eadesisms and Boris

After numerous attempts to try and name this site, rangeing from the unfathomable 'How did they know I was here?' to the rather lame 'Mastery of the Magic Carpet' I have returned to good old 'Eadesism' which is, after all, what I call any little sketch I do, an Eadesism.

Due to a childhood in which I was raised surrounded by Dashounds, or as some call them 'Sausagedogs', or as the Americans call them 'Weinerdogs'? The Eadesism mascot was born and is presented below in all his freaky, stumpy legged glory.

What you want a name for the little guy? Ok, we'll call him Boris for reasons which will only be known to my brother .....perhaps?

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