Sunday, 29 June 2008

Doctor who?

Anyone who knows me knows of my passion for all things Doctor Who, ever since I first witnessed the amazing Tom Baker version when I was a kid. This show was the doorway to my love of all things science fiction and fantasy and to some extent my love of comics. Reading those strips in Doctor Who magazine all those years ago really managed to capture my imagination.

Anyway, as some will know, last nights episode of Russell T Davies' revamped Who ended with David Tennants wonderful tenth Doctor seemingly shot down by the blast of a Dalek gun just as he was trying to run into the arms of his long lost love Rose Tyler (sniff). And the the episode ended with the Doctor apparently about to regenerate into his next incarnation? As this may be my last chance to pay tribute to the Doctor who has pushed Tom Baker pretty hard for number one spot in my list of favourite Doctors (sorry Peter Davidson but you've lost your second place), I present my picture of the Tenth Doctor.
Now anyone reading this who doesn't like Doctor Who may want to stop reading now as the following is rather geeky and my theories on why I believe that this whole regeneration thing is a ruse and Tennant is not finished yet:
a) There have apparently been photo's on the web showing Tennant filming the up coming Cyberman Christmas special.
b) As good as last nights episode was, Tennant was barely in it? Russell T Davies knows that Tennant is far too good an actor to waste his talent and then just kill him off in such a cold way without a tearful farewell and typical end of era Doctor type speech (look at the way he handled Eccleston's exit, brilliantly done).
c) Why did we not see the new Doctor? Surely if there is going to be a new Doctor why leave it until next week to see who it is? Doesn't this leave it open for the press to have a full week to speculate over or confirm who the next Doctor is? Why keep such a good secret only to open yourselves up for the surprise to be ruined. The cliff hanger last night would not have been harmed last night if anything it would have had more impact if a new Doctor would have appeared?
Anyway, that's my rant over. One things for certain I can't wait for next Saturday???

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